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Celo/EVM Anchored Spatial Data Registry


The purpose of this MVP was to demonstrate a workflow from an MRV data provider, supplying raw measurement data based on both stationary and mobile sources, to a backend with the following features:
  • an ingestion process including:
    • timeseries and geospatial location (both point and polygon-based) indexing
    • a flexible data schema to accommodate multiple data types and units of measure
    • hashing of raw measurement data on ingestion
  • an anchoring process including:
    • summary hashing of data hashes
    • anchoring of summaries to the database and Celo blockchain
  • a validation process verifying the hashing and anchoring processes
  • account-based authentication and authorization, separating the above functionality by role
  • a means to create a public HTTP endpoint to list the results of queries on the Ocean marketplace
  • a test layer covering the above functionality