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CosmWasm Anchored Spatial Data Registry

With geodata-anchor (Junø/CosmWasm contract) and geodata-rest (HTTP REST Server) we address the feasibility of providing performant and scalable access to geospatial data in geojson format, leveraging MongoDB’s geospatial data and queries. When a data item is ingested into the database, a hash of the relevant data is generated and stored on a CosmWasm contract which implements a cw-storage-plus indexed datastore. Validation results are stored on both the database and the contract. Validators would each run a MongoDB Atlas replica instance, with an independent compute instance performing the same hashing algorithm.

Current PoC implementation:

  • Fully written in Rust, using axum and cosmos-rust.
  • Role-based access to rest endpoints: admin role creates data items, validator role validates, and user role can query.
  • Polymorphic (polygon, point, line, etc.) geospatial data geometries within a single 2dsphere index.
  • Validation compute currently occurs via a REST endpoint based on userid/role and is not yet tied to a validator’s specific replica instance.
  • Integration tests for both geodata-anchor and geodata-rest run against a local instance of Junø via Docker; we have not yet deployed to a testnet.
Verifiable Spatial Data Registry PoC


  • Evolve hashing strategies via multi-hash.
  • Larger datasets could leverage MongoDB sharding features.
  • Reverse anchor hash from contract to database.
  • Move most data onchain, queried directly via secondary indexes, with links to IPFS, Arweave or MongoDB Atlas for large objects.
  • 3D geospatial index design and implementation with cw-storage-plus secondary indexes.


Thank you to dClimate for funding this PoC and providing valuable technical direction.
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