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Documentation about the Astral Protocol Contracts Package.


These contracts serve as the Registry for the Astral Protocol GeoDIDs. It allows binding of a GeoDID to an ethereum address and CID name resolving.
By registering a spatial asset Smart Contract events are triggered, which are picked up by the subgraph indexer to build the tree of relationships for easy querying.

To add Astral Protocol Contracts to your application

yarn add @astralprotocol/contracts

To develop or try the Astral Protocol Contracts locally

git clone [email protected]:AstralProtocol/astralprotocol.git
cd astralprotocol/packages/contracts
  • Run ganache yarn ganache
  • In a new terminal, deploy contracts with yarn truffle
  • Run tests with yarn truffle-test
  • You can deploy an instance by running yarn new-instance. It builds a GeoDID tree with hardcoded GeoDID ids and CIDs.
  • You can test the removal of some links by running yarn remove-links.
  • Watch the changes in a locally deployed subgraph.
  • Do coverage check up by killing the ganache process in the first terminal and running yarn coverage

To deploy your own contracts in the Ropsten testnet

  • Create a .env file in /packages/contracts with a MNEMONIC and ROPSTEN_API_KEY
MNEMONIC="mnemonic phrase goes here with testnet ether in address[0] on ropsten cool"
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