Build with GeoDIDs

As part of our exploration process we build a system for storing geospatial data on IPFS for a Filecoin Development Grant in Q1 2021. This work has informed our thinking abourn building tools for Web3-native satellite imagery, which we're carrying forward.
This project was experimental, and code is not stable. If you'd like to build with Astral tools, reach out on Discord:


We're developing Geographic Decentralized Identifiers (GeoDIDs) to provide a Web3-native format for identifying spatial data assets.


To date our oracle systems are quite simple, and we're looking for developers who are interested in implementing those to pull spatial data from GeoDIDs into smart contracts.

Spatial Contracts

We have been developing patterns and libraries to work with spatial data in smart contracts for a few years now, and are looking for additional support. Specifically, we are working on:
  • A Solidity library of geometric and topological functions, much like Turf.js.
  • A verifiable spatial data registry for GeoDIDs:
    • A zone registry, where users can control polygons representing areas of space on, beneath or above the Earth's surface.
  • Front-end packages and dApp interfaces to connect with spatial contracts.