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Spatial data contains information relevant to locations in the physical world. Different locations have different rules - depending on where you are you have to abide to a different regulatory framework.
To create decentralized applications that leverage spatial data and location information, we need to be able to store and access spatial data in ways that ensure it is simple and reliable for Web3 developers to work with.
All in all, geospatial data matters, but there are issues with the way it is being used:
  • Lack of transparency between spatial data providers and end users. How do we know if spatial data can be trusted?
  • No Web3 app has truly been able to connect smart contracts to the “real world”
  • Supported by spatial data, new capabilities are possible in diverse fields like finance, mobility and identity - as long as there is a proven way to ensure the validity of geospatial data.
In sum, we need a better way to access and archive satellite and sensor data - fit for a resilient, user-controlled web.
We believe that bringing advanced spatial data technologies into the Web3 fold will enable an ecosystem of spatial dApps to support our transition to a just, sustainable and resilient world.
Earthrise - a blue dot.